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Sunday, January 02, 2005

So shoot me already

I mean seriously.

I wake up in an all time evil mood, horrible night , couldn't get comfortable...My feet stayed cold for goodness sakes!

yesterday wasn't that great either...I mean I couldn't get out of my bad mood. And it's not good that a word from someone can piss me off as bad as it did. But that's what happened. And in my bad mood, I made bad choices and pissed off a friend....Yeah I know...very smooth ...Not!

So next time I see my friend I get to apologize for being the rude and obnoxious witch I acted like.

maybe I can get hit by lightning *shrug*


Blogger Tonia's Macrame said...

Whew... thank goodness it wasn't me!! I'm sure who ever you snapped at will understand! You're to sweet to stay mad at too long!

Onyx Rose
The Ramblings of Me

9:10 PM  

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