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Monday, January 03, 2005

Things I See

Just sitting and thinking about how things are and how things could be.
I think of my life and see - people who have impacted it.
I think of teachers who gave me small lessons of strength, even though I was too young to understand.
I think of those I called friends who made me see what a true friend is.

I think of loves that I thought were true - were strong. To see that some were weak and tarnished at best.
I think of family that should be happy and carefree, only are scared, lonley and depressed.

I think of my life now - and people who are in it.
I think of those I cherish and those I can do without.

There are so many thoughts swirling in my head these days.

I think I don't handle change well, even the hint of it. Even when I am the catalyst for the change.
I think of those whom i did not know only months ago, who are now part of me in ways I can't describe.

I think of future dealings with some, future meetings with some....getting together with some...

Becoming one with one...

Then I think ...it's a nice dream to have

Dreams give you something to reach for, when reality tells you there is nothing left.

In the end....

There will be me .... with nothing left.


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