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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I have found that expectations have a way of letting you down.

I expected to have my boss say that I was going to a training class in April. What he said was ..."I'll see if we can get you in this training class in February."

Hey I shouldn't be upset...I mean I want to go to training, only way to keep sharp is to learn the newest techniques. So I am hopeful I can go. Just don't expect it.

I expected to share my holidays with others...and in a way i did, but I know there was somthing missing. I was "alone in a crowd". people were around me but I still felt cold, alone....I am hoping recent changes that I have made in my life will make it seem brighter. just don't expect it.

Expecting is like saying it's going to happen, and being let down when it doesn't.


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