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Friday, September 28, 2007

Republican Debate

I was flipping through channels before “Grey’s Anatomy” came on and happened to see that there was a Republican debate. Normally this would have gotten a roll of the eyes and a quick flick of the remote.
For some unknown reason I decided to check the info on the show and found out that it was being held live at Morgan State University. This actually surprised me, a Historically Black College was hosting a Republican debate. Intriguing!

Now I will admit that I was switching back and forth from Grey’s so the first hour of watching was fragmented. In my mind the debate started off a bit hostile with the first speaker slamming the fact that four (4) candidates were not there. Granted the four (4) ARE the front runners but still, no need to slam them. This gives a chance for people to see the rest of the pack.

I have decided not to give my views on the debate but I have links to a couple of Republican blogs with their takes on it:



Here is an article about from the NY Times:


And here is the transcripts from the debate it self:


The only way to know who to vote for is to be knowledgeable about the candidates themselves.


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