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Monday, September 03, 2007

School Strated! Time to plan my vacation!

Yes it has officialy started, August 31st was the first day of school for Tweedle Dee (my eldest) No I am not being mean either. I have decided to nickname the boys TD. The little one is Tazmanian Devil. (onset of terrible two's).

I have met with Tweedle's teachers, who are all men this year! I am actually happy about that. I believe at this stage int he game (8th Grade) Tweedle needs more male authority figures in his life. Because heaven knows I am not going to try to find a guy just to get Tweedle a role model. Mom is out of the dating arena!

Back to school. his teachers were very receptive to what I had to say regarding my concerns for the year and though of ways to facilitate effective communication between the school and myself. Now that the groud work is set, I can turn my focus on a different aspect of my life. (Not that Tweedle wants to play football...ugh! that will be a WHOLE seperate entry!)

I am now planning my 35th birthday party. I am attempting to get a group together for Disney. i figure it will take me a year almost to get the money together. I don't want to stay at a value resort because I did that 10 years ago. Yes, I am a bit spoiled when it comes to vacations, but I think i deserve a real one. 5 nights 6 days isn't so bad for vacation.
I am doing all the preliminary ground work now that the prices for 2008 are out. I saw that they had meal plans and I know that food is a major expense. With Tweedle going to be 15, I am going to need all the help i can get with food. So I am looking into that as well.

So far I have invited 8 others to join me and my family. we shall see how that goes :)


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