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Monday, May 28, 2007

The financial question

Here is the financial question i have been asking myself for about a year now. Do I truly think I am going to retire?

Strange question one would think. I mean EVERYONE save for retirement, don't they?

I have found that if you are in the same job for years and years, it is relatively easy to save with most companies. Companies usually have a 401K with a matching plan, between 50 - 100% up to a certain percent that you contribute. Some of these plans even let you take loans against them to be paid back without hurting your investment.

Sounds great. Now what happens when you switch jobs, voluntarily or not. Lots of decisions to be made there, new job doesn't let you participate in a 401K for a year? Is it possible for you to keep your money in the same place for a year?

What happens if something big comes up? What then, withdraw with huge penalties and start again?

How many people really plan on retiring? My mom still works and I know she doesn't plan on retiring at all.

Questions, Questions....I would rather at this point plan on a vacation then retirement.


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