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Friday, January 07, 2005

It's hard sometimes

When all of your friends are in a couple.

Most of my friends are married, or at least have a companion. And I am happy for all of them. Just sometimes wish I could find someone who I could be the 2nd half of a couple.

Now granted, my last relationship, I messed up. And that still hurts.

For a time in that relationship, there was just smooth sailing. Maybe because it had a rocky point....but for a while there....Everything meshed, everything was right...

That's what I miss....The sense of - I'm home....The all over happiness at hearing his voice. Hearing him say I love you eternally.

Yes, I still love him.
Always will.
no matter what had happened between us. That one fact will remain.

Do I expect to ever be with him again...

Well ....I've learned to drop expectations.

In my heart, one day, I hope we can rekindle what we had. If it happens, that would be great. When it doesn't...I'll still have my memories.


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