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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today....was a long day

As I knew it would be.

I had no illusions about today. Working from 9 am until 8 pm is a long day, no matter how you slice it.

It was a good day...

and That will keep me going for the next day. Positive outlooks to start a day are important. I am learning this...(yes I am still learning....amazing huh?)

I had a thought for a poem earlier today, but it flitted away.

it's okay thoough...usually those are the ones that come back to me later on...in a few days.

The sky was grey today,
Rain came down
Cars were honking
People were yelling to add to the sounds.

Time was moving
slow as can be
everything felt easy
like a summerbreeze.

The day itself was not made
by what it was
the day was made
by what was put into it

Hope was put in front of doubt
Strength was put in front of fear
This made the day stand out
more then any I have had in years


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