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Monday, January 10, 2005

Love Changed

When we were in love nothing could touch us
When we were in love the world seemed to move out of our way
When we were in love we talked and spent hours together
then it seemed the love changed

Then we fought more, and screamed more ....the trust wasn't there
and love changed

We worked to make things right and tried to hold on
We succeeded in a way, still talked through the night

but we had to realize that love changed.

Trust gone.

Where are we now...

Now I try to get your attention, but it's taken away by others
If you tried to get mine, I am distracted by a new lover

So even though this sounds so trite and cliche
Can we try to act like friends?

The love that was there has changed but the love is still there
I have written this to say I will always care


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very touching, indeed!
I think what was missing was committment.
Actually theres no such thing as love. Its committment that matters and most folks lose out on the lack of it. Thats my own personal perception based on my life, so far. I know I may be wrong and am willing to accept it if someone can make me understand so.

9:18 AM  

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