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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's snowing again

Actually this time it's pretty...

Pretty cold!

I must say, today has been a pretty good day. I am doing well..(twinges of chest pains here and there)

But I am generally pretty content right now.

Some of my friends know I went through a very rough spot over the holiday period. But the anxity and the depression have melted away a bit.
Thanks to my friends for really sticking by me.

I heard from a dear friend of mine, who told me he is starting his own business and going back to school. I told him I thought it was great. Which I do...to take that kind of risk, at at a young age,

He said something to me that just put a whole bunch of things in perspective for me. And on the surface, it wasn't very profound. But it had a profound effect.

He said that even though he's busy, and he will be for a while...he said that when he can come online, he would make time for me. That statment was something I realized I had been waiting to hear from someone. Something that I had expected and didn't realize I was expecting it.

So I am in a good place, even if my friend can't spend every minute with me, I know he thinks of me...I really don't ask for much :)


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