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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Doctor's appointments and cold

Can I say that these should soooooo not go together!

it was BRUTAL yesterday trying to get around. It was soooo cold. And yes I took cabs, which though expensive was best for me because I really can't walk as fast as I used to.

So I visited my doctor, finally getting there after trying to hop over the mounds of snow that were still on the streets. Some of it had the nerve to melt and then refreeze. Slippery walking to say the least.

After doing all the preliminaries, I went into the room and they got to tell me I gained more weight...Thanks a lot..Really wanted to know that ....More weight I have to take off,...sheesh.

The nurse took my blood pressure while asking me how I was doing...I so want this over I said. I mean it.
She said she felt my pain. Then hooked me up to a fetal monitor. And I must have a smart alek for a baby because he did not want to be monitored at all. Every time she found his heartbeat...He moved so it couldn't be monitored... I thought it was hilarious.

Finally after playing evade the monitor for another 10 minutes, he settled down and gave them the readings they wanted.

Then my doctor poked his head in. He moved the inducement date from Monday to Tuesday and gave me some advice on how to relax for the next few days. My other doctor stopped in to introduce me to a new medical intern that started that week. She, the doctor, told me that I could take unisom to help me sleep more at night.
Which I need, there are serious tracks under my eyes, let me tell you.

After the doctor's appointment, I waddle outside and go to the bus stop, hoping I don't have to wait too too long for the bus...
Didn't matter, the cab driver who brought me to the doctor's office happened by and brought me to the store :)

At Target, I found the unisom, got Holiday cards, and picked up a baby book. Then got lunch sat for a bit and then called yet another cab to take me home.
I got home around 3 pm. I was out since 10 am. And I was exhausted.

Tonight I get to go to a school holiday recital. Should be fun, but this is the only time I am going out...

So tired....


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