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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Maternity Leave

Ok I didn't work for the first time in a long time, not scheduled work at least.

So what did I do on my first day of Maternity leave??

I had a 7 am meeting with my son's teachers and then proceeded to do volunteer work until 1 pm, then another meeting till 2pm. Then of course I was tired - so I proceeded to go to Target because I was having a contraction once every hour. ( yes I know that makes no sense, but this is me we are talking about)

I did pick up a car seat/carrier at Target for under USD70.00! :)

and batteries for the digital camera. So these are positive things :)

I have been plugging away at my homework for my online classes. So far I am getting an A in one class and a B in the other. I am going to work on that B, I want to have at least an A average.

2 classes per semester is getting harder. It's midterms now and it's time to step it up. Final projects are starting and I have to prepare.

Baby time is fast approaching.....We shall see :)


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