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Friday, November 11, 2005

Names revisited

Ok here I was, researching what I wanted to name my son.

I had pretty much settled on a name when something came up that I completely forgot about.

My son's father....heheh OOOPS!

Turns out that Daddy doesn't like the name Zachary. Hmmmmmm
Actually, what he said was....It''s sounds like he should be on one of those bloody kid shows.
He hates kid shows...Yeah.


We have agreed on the Middle name...It will be Warren :) This makes me very happy as it is my grandfather's name.

Now I am looking at Arabic first names, as Daddy is from Pakistan and likes Arabic names...

So Far......This is the short list: (in no particular order - )

Name - Meaning

Tariq - Conqueror
Omar - Highest
Jamal - Handsome
Rashad - Good Judgment
Ahmad - To praise

I do have a favorite.... But I want to see what some others think.


Blogger eMMa said...

I like Tariq.

The others look like...terrorist names. I really hope you I didn't offend you. :\

1:57 AM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

LaRa -

I am not offended, really. Some of my friends have said some of the same.

I like Tariq, which is why I put it on the list....I also like Jamal.

My friends worry that in this current global climate it may be bad or unwise to give my child an islamic or Arabic name.
But I see it as not denying his heritage.

His father is Islamic and of Pakistan descent, and I am American - hence the blending of names.

oh yeah...so no I am not offended ;)

9:10 AM  

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