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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Wednesday

Got nothing done all weekend due to being so tired. I didn't even really watch TV. Now that's scary.

Monday was a very long day.

7 am meeting with my son's teachers to lay down course work and expectations for the next 6 week period. The teachers telling me that he isn't engaged in class and cannot work independently as they need him to.

I realized this when I let him go there. It's a small school but normal classrooms. The true test to see if he will be able to succeed is not to isolate him, but have him in the different environment and be able to deal with others.
The teachers and I came to an understanding - actually a few.
- don't pad his work - he got a 100 on a test , after the teacher sat with him one on one and helped him with it. I would have rather seen the 50 and try to work at what was wrong or what he didn't grasp.
-behavioral issues get reported to me immediately- not a week or two later when I can do nothing about it.
- Homework - if it isn't done he gets detention - don't come crying to me that he's there alot if you don't let me know until 3 weeks later that he's missing assignments.

I explained to them - again - that I work the afternoon shift, and I don't get home to close to 11 pm - he is usually sleep, so I don't get to truly interact with him until the weekend. That is not the time to play catch up, so I needed their input more and more.

After my meeting with the teachers I relaxed got breakfast then proceeded to a 10:45 appointment with my doctor. Mind you I showed up at 5 mins to 10 but hey...What's being a little early??
My doctor wants me to get more rest, drink more fluids and call if I have any anxiety. Sure, and make a fool out of myself again, that's really what I want. Ugh.
I'll keep trying to drink more water, try to keep up with those darn blood sugar readings and still keep up with work and the tons of things I get to do there.
I'm not complaining - really -

nope not me
I am not complaining -

Is it December yet??
no wait....It's not..I haven't hit my birthday yet. That's Friday......
what possessed me to get pregnant at 31?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:41 AM  
Blogger eMMa said...

Goodluck with everything!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

Thank you!!

and Thanks for stopping by :)

8:39 AM  

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