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Friday, October 07, 2005

School - yes I am trying to go back

Well not GO back per SE. Participate. I enrolled in an online university, which is a huge step for me. It's been 12 years since I have been in school.
I am doing this now because my maternity leave is coming up and I think it's a perfect time to commit to this.

The school I joined has many ways to get in contact with them. Which is good. I do find that their financial aid officers (not all of them) have a bit to be desired. Don't treat me like a stupid child. I am not one.
They sent me an email stating I had documents missing. This was AFTER I had sent in an email stating that I have filled out everything, submitted it and was awaiting further instructions. So I called. And got right to the point. Turns out, my paperwork was there but they didn't notice.. hmmmm.

They said I had to fax in a verification, so I did, with instructions to send a confirmation that it was received.

I received no confirmation - go figure.

On the phone with them again. Waiting......

Now I am supposed to be having assistance from my academic advisor...I emailed student services, had my admissions advisor try to call, left messages, and still no answer.

I'm going for Business Administration/management and this is how they are running things??
We will see if he keeps this appointment I set up today, if he does not, then I will request a new advisor.

Taking deep breaths as my mother keeps telling me to do. She reminds me that I am pregnant and my quick to fire temper is worse then it's ever been, gotta love mom ;)


Blogger Morris said...

Good luck with that. Personally I think you have all the education you need. The education of life, you know how to cook, take care of kids. Thats good enough in my books.

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

6:21 PM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

Well I thank you for your opinion.

I still think showing my children that I am willing to learn new things is also valuble.

7:51 PM  

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