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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Still Sleepy!

Yes it's been two days since I got back from my vacation and I am still very very very tired.

Baby is a very active little bugger and my son is proving that he is very protective of me, to the point that he treats me like a ninety year old woman *sigh*.

But he was so good, considering the long drive we had, on the trip from Minnesota to South Dakota. I was sleep alot - go figure - but he was trying to help with directions and stating what signs he saw along the road.

It took 4 hours to get from Minnesota to South Dakota. We got into Brookings about 10 pm. Stopping in White to transfer bags into a new car.
Note about White, SD. It's small, I mean really small. Like it has two main roads. One which is called South Hooker Ave. Never saw North Hooker mind you. (and no one worked the street from what I saw....j/k...Really!)

The Comfort Inn in Brookings is the best place to stay in my opinion. They have extremely friendly staff, a great breakfast which is included - a chance to upgrade your room, and it's just so comfortable there. This is my second time staying out there and I wouldn't stay anyplace else. They were great with my son, they answered all my questions and even gave me places to go while visiting town.

I couldn't ask for a better place.

While out in SD, we visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead. I am into so many different things that this appealed to me. Now for $4.95, you can do a leisurely walking tour of the property. I did not decided to do that - I was getting tired too quickly.
We saw a brief video and got to walk around the gift shop. I saw an actual carriage that was used. It looked sturdy - the wheels came up the my stomach. Yellow wood wheels with a strip of Iron or steel in it. I don't know how comfortable it would be - didn't look like it had shocks of any kind....But then again, I couldn't really bend over to check.

The other place we visited that was educational was the Agricultural Heritage museum on the campus of South Dakota State University. This place was neat! It had things like - a poster that explained how eggs get there sizes, what constitutes a pee wee, small, large, extra large and jumbo - an old fashioned telephone booth, a steam tractor - which looked like a train to me. Replicas of a one room house, and tons of other things. I think I liked that place the beast actually.

We picked up a test in a replica school room that was an example of an exam to pass the eighth grade in 1928. (I gave that in to my son's teacher, she got a kick out of it)
I also picked up a sheet of paper that stated the rules for the conduct of Teachers in 1875, Women could not be married and teach. Men could not drink , smoke, visit public halls or (get this) Barber shops! Amazing!

3 1/2 days in SD 1 1/2 days in Minneapolis, doesn't seem like alot, but it was good :)

Glad to be home though


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