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Friday, September 23, 2005

Amazing Vacation

Well I had fun :)

Everything went very smoothly, from the ride to the airport to the checkin at Northwest Airlines, to going through security - (Ladies, if you are leaving out of a NY airport, wear something on your feet like stockings - cold floor YUCK!) - to getting breakfast.
Note on Breakfast - either bring your own or eat before you get there - $16.00 is alot for 2 people - especially when I just had cereal and milk.

The flight from LGA to MSP was very nice. The Stewards on the flight were very friendly and one was really funny. Once we touched down, it was an nice easy walk to the baggage claim (and the bathroom was right next to the gate YAY!)
The funny thing about baggage claim in Minneapolis - they had a whole bunch from Northwest with the flight numbers but next to the flight numbers, they had things like - at gate- completed. Um ok??

My flight was at gate. I know this, I just walked off the plane. But no bags. hmmmmmmm

10 minutes later the bags came down the belt for the next two flights on the list. Luckily, one of the flights was mine.

After getting the bags and waiting for my friends to show up we finally got out of the airport. Interesting that there was a sign in the parking lot of the statue of Liberty - and considering we left out of La Guardia in NY where there were pictures of the Statue of Liberty, my son found this very cool...

He also found the Mall of America very cool as well.

If anybody goes out to Minneapolis and visits the Mall of America, go to the dinosaur walk. It's only $7.95 per adult and has a great gift shop. The walk is like a museum with some actual fossils and replicas of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. They also have screening rooms with videos that are available for purchase. (yes I got one, and it's really good)

At the Mall they also had a show in a center court area. It was dancers from some of the Hotels in Mexico and they were doing some routines. Very pretty costumes and pretty decent dancing.

After leaving the Mall, we checked into the hotel.
Quality Inn - about 4 miles from the airport. It's good for a nights stay. Comfortable rooms, decent continental breakfast, good location to the airport.

We then went to find the Ren Faire.

after about an hour, we found it ;)

It did remind me of King Richard's Faire in Massachuettes. It was enjoyable as well, I got to leisurely stroll through, and pick up earrings, get my son's face painted, get my fade painted after I purchased a gypsy like outfit that actually fit over my belly and later on could be worn under a bodice.

I did definitely enjoy myself there.

more on my vacation a bit later - Baby has decided that sitting for long periods of time is not going to work.



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Blogger Tonia's Macrame said...

Grrr... don't you hate evil Anonymous idiots that post SPAM on your damn blogger! *death rays* your way! LOL

Anyway... I was just thinking about you and wondering how everything went. I was just watching a show on the Mall of America and was suprised to find out that it has its own real police force. I would love to go there one of these years :oP

Anyway I'm glad everything went well and I can't wait to see you and hear more. Blessings!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

Thanks T-

Glad to be back home. :)

9:51 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

Hey...I just stumbled on your blog through blog explosion and it reminded me a lot of mine. Anyways, I live in MN and agree the Mall of America is very cool (even if I have been there plenty of times).

3:35 PM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

Hey Mel :)

If the place is cool, you'll want to go back many times :)

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

8:08 AM  

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