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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Trying to find an apartment in this area is probably one of the hardest things to do.

Unless you have money.

I don't have alot - so it's hard.

If you can afford a one bedroom apartment in Fairfield County CT - you are lucky. One Bedrooms are going for approximately $1100 a month to start. Most with no utilities included. This is before you add things like food and cable. And yes Cable is essential as there is no reception with out it. Also I like to have an internet connection, but even if I didn't cable with no frills runs at about $20 a month. That's with no movies at all.

I am thinking that most people looking for a 1 bedroom have no kids, this could make sense. But if one bedrooms are $1100 to start, most 2 bedrooms are $1400 - $1600 to start and it goes from there.

Even if you are pulling $35,000 a year, how can you afford anything if you have children.

so let's see how this works out:
$1100 a month for rent
that's $13200 a year

$110 a month - conservative figure
That's $1320 a year
say on groceries for an adult and a baby:
$200 a month - Very conservative
That's $2400 a year

Then basic cable at $20 a month
so that's a modest $240 a year.

so far we are at $17,160 and we have only the basics

Now with an infant there are those expenses that just add up like day care and clothing and doctor's visits.

And of course there are the stuff that you have to get yourself. And then the 401k plans and medical, dental long and short term life insurance.

Just seems a bit steep to me.

Well maybe I can look into studios.


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