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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Surprising news

I got a call from my step father yesterday saying that my little sister was not feeling well and maybe going to the hospital.

My little sister is 19 - just turned not to long ago - and in college. Now I know that she can take care of herself normally, so this was surprising news to me.
I agreed to let my Mom know what was going on after I took all the hospital information from My Stepfather. I called my Mom at work and just in case, had her tell me all the medical information my sister may need. If my sister didn't have it on her when she checked in the hospital.

I wait about 20 minutes and call the emergency room. She had not shocked in yet, and I was told she would probably call me later.

I got impatient after about 2 hours and called her cell. She answered real quick saying that she really wasn't that sick and she went in as a precautionary measure.

That put my mind at ease, so I said I wanted her to call me as soon as she found out anything.

About 3 1/2 hours later, my Mom calls my Step dad and we found out what the diagnosis was: Diabetes.

I was floored. This doesn't run in either side of her family. I gave her a call to hear it from her, and to see if she was doing ok. She said it was Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. Here's the kicker, she's still in the hospital.
I just spoke to her not 20 minutes before starting this post.

She is still there because her sugar level is not stabilizing. She is going to have to stay overnight again. I asked her to call, but I will probably call in the afternoon. I can tell that it is starting to get to her, she's beginning to sound stressed.

I am hoping for the best.
But I can say, this news really knocked me for a loop.


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Blogger Tonia's Macrame said...

Holy shit! I just can't believe it... you need to update me further!

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