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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dangers of not knowing

Wow, I am so glad I went to see my Grandfather , Aunt and Uncle yesterday.

My Mom and I try to get down to NY to see my family there whenever we both have a day off. This doesn't happen alot, but I feel that the family connection is something to be fostered, and I LOVE my Aunt's cooking!!

When we went down yesterday - we took the train and then the bus. Little did we know, NYC buses do not take dollar bills. Now the fare is $2, but only coins or Bus passes are taken. Wow, didn't know...We wasted a half hour trying to get change around that area.

Ok, cool we get to my Grandfather's house and proceed to do the normal things we do, talk, watch my Aunt cook, talk, watch TV, talk, feed the cat, talk, wake my grandfather up, talk....

One of the topics that came up besides my pregnancy was my little sister.
Once that topic was brought up, we found out more about our family's health history then we ever knew.

Turns out diabetes runs on both sides of my mom's family. Two of her uncle's have it, an aunt and mother had it. My Grandfather has it as well.

Talk about floored again.

Now I am a bit worried. It skipped a generation - My aunt and My Mom don't have it. I don't have it for now, but who knows.

What about my children?? Is this something that I will have to worry about?

This week while I research day care centers in my area, I am also going to research Type 1 Diabetes, find out what the risks are to my children and also what I can do to help my sister.

interesting weekend to say the least.


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Blogger sranangbronkie said...

i know what you mean.diabetes runs in my family too.One of my aunts is even blind from it and had to get a kidney transplant.I myself am trying to keep fit and watch what i eat from now.I don't want to wait for something to happen before i start taking precaution and after all prevention is better than cure right!?.

9:58 AM  

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