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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


On Monday I took my son to the doctor for a Physical at his pediactric group. His original doctor (who happened to be my old doctor) left for a assistant directorship in another state. So my son had a new doctor to get used to - no big deal.

I decided to handle his appointments this way, let him make some decisions for himself. He's 12 now and needs to speak up.

So I talked to the nurse about my concerns while my son was giving a sample for testing. When we got into the room where they took his vitals, we found that he is in the 98th percentile in height and the 97th percentile in weight.

He's 5'4"3/4 and 136 pounds - which they assure me is fine.

When the doctor came in, my son was asked if he wanted me to stay or if he wanted me to go in the waiting room. Either one I was ok with actually...he asked that I stay.

When the talk between the doctor turned to his eyes and ears, I gave her the glasses that he wears and they went to do a quick eye test. Results were not too good. With or without the glasses - there was no real difference. This disturbed me a bit as we had my son's eyes checked in April and this is why the glasses were purchased.

I am in the process of trying to get answers about that.

Then matters turned to school and how he was interacting with others. This is a sore topic with my son as he sometimes interacts very well with others and sometimes he has issues. The doctor noticed in his chart that 3 years ago we attempted a medicine therapy for ADD. She suggested to me that we try again, now that he is older.
I asked him if this is something he wanted to do. He at first said no, and the doctor explained why she thought he needed it.
He then said ok. I said I wouldn't do it if he wasn't on board with it. But he said it was ok.

We are going to try it for two weeks. We are not going to inform the school until the two weeks is up. This way I will have a - control - and see if there is any demonstrable change in his focus and or distractability.

Two weeks starts today - and he's already balking at taking the medication.

it's going to be a long two weeks


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