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Monday, November 14, 2005

Running Commentary

That's what I seem to be doing lately....Running. Or more accurately - wobbling around.

It was an appointment day again today, but this time I had to log into my classes first.
So I'm up at 6:30 am just in time to help get my son in the shower for school and get socks out of the dryer.
At 7 am I am on the comp trying to make sure it is known I logged in so that they won't kick me out of class.
At 8 am I am out the door waiting for a bus to take me to my 9 am doctor's appointment.
At 8:15 I am still waiting on a bus that should have come at 8:03.
At 8:30 the bus pulls into the transportation center and my connecting bus pulls off...grr

At 8:33 I manage to get my connecting bus, thanks to alot of foot traffic and traffic lights.
At 8:45 show up at my doctor's office, to find the door locked.

Fun so far huh?

Well anyhoo, you see how it went...After doctor and sending paperwork up to second doctor for my blood sugar, and making an appointment for 2 weeks. I am done with the doctors.

I have to go to my son's school to talk to the After school program teacher and to speak to the guidance counselor.
And pick up Fundraiser stuff.

after all this....

I take a cab, because I was running late, and head off to work.

8 hours later....My eyes are drooping and kind of blurring. And I STILL have to get home tonight.



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