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Saturday, December 17, 2005

What a couple of days :)

I have a bassinet!! YAY!!

My former supervisor from my job is letting me use her bassinet until she is ready to take it back :)
This bassinet is so nice, it's round with a little canopy. And a cover to hide the storage base (where there is already pampers and lotion and baby powder)

I am so grateful to her!! And of course to my friend who helped me clean up in time to accept the bassinet :)

So yesterday, I did a huge splurge. I got my hair done. It's now in twists...What does this mean? That I won't look like a creature feature in pictures after my boy is born :)

I am still tweaking my bag to hospital, getting these cute trial sizes for my days in there.

So am I ready? kinda
Am I scared? kinda
Am I Excited? Yes

now if I can avoid getting sick...It would be helpful


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