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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Availability of funds

Ok how is it if I deposit a check on Saturday that is written on the bank that I am depositing it in, that funds from that check are STILL not available 5 days later?

Check drawn on Bank A , deposited in Bank A , not available 5 days later???

Doesn't add up

I could understand if it were an out of state check drawn on another bank.

Can you guess that I am completely fuming??


Blogger Jill said...

The banking system has become tyranical. I've had the same problem. I've had a bank hold a cashier's check from another bank for 10 days. Supposedly to make sure it will go thru. And of course we all know that the longer they hold our money the more money the bank makes. And of course there is no such thing as "free" checking.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

Held a Cashier's check????!!!! OMG! they aren't supposed to do that - it's garunteed funds....wow...that sucks

10:27 AM  

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