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Monday, August 21, 2006

Spent a weekend with friends

Can't tell you how long it's been to spend a weekend away and not have to worry about the kids.

My mom took the elder camping while J was with the babysitter on her family vacation. I let him go because of the new job wouldn't let me take 3 days off yet.

I had fun going out with my friends talking about everything and nothing. Also they are the ones to get me hooked on video games. They had me play City of Heros/Villians. It's actually pretty fun.

I now have two pretty kick ass newbs. And of course spent most of the time there playing or watching movies.

I did do other things- like hit the local IKEA.

Cool Place, and I think I found a crib for J! not too expensive either.

I may convert the drawless dresser I have to a huge storage bin in stead of buying a new dresser. I can get one self and then get those cool looking wicker baskets to put J's clothes in. This way I can make more space for my clothes.

The school year is about to start and I need to get supplies and such pretty quickly.

Thank Goodness for sales!!


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