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Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby Shower

No I am not having one, but I went to a good friend's this weekend. It was a blast!

For me, it was great because there were people there I had not seen for months and in some cases years!

My very Preggie friend is about to have a little girl. And the presents came the cutest outfits! I did the practical route. I got washcloths, receiving blankets, bottles, bottle liners, a travel set, bibs and newborn diapers. Plus a gift card for those little things that we might have missed.

We were asked to put thought, words of wisdom or jokes on an index card. I though this was a great idea. And lots of different types of advice were given.

There were two other babies there because of course I brought J. Who was a hit! Oh my! He got passed around and he smiled and played and was a charmer! There was a boy who was a month younger. He was adorable, but not so much a pass around...A little shy.

The house that the party took place was nice, but the backyard was amazing...Gardens here and there little nooks for sitting, shaded areas sunny areas - a trampoline and pingpong table...The perfect outdoor place for a party!

I had a great time and the food was decadent - just what I needed!


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