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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I have been splitting my time

Between Blogger and Myspace.com. A friend of mine had gotten me into it. It's fun to read what he and others are up to.

I would say one thing, if you don't want to be found, don't sign up there. I had someone contact me that I only had a passing acquaintance with. Not complaining too much, he isn't a creep or anything.

So what's new -

I wrote an email to J's dad when I saw him sign onto MSN and then sign off when I said hi. Strangely enough that act didn't sting, it was more a sense of disappointment washed over me.
So I wrote the email. One that would probably make any single male happy. I told him that he's off the hook. I won't send him anymore pictures, I won't call anymore and I won't try to contact him in anyway regarding his son.
And truly, I was under the notion that we could still be friends. I am not angry with him, just really disappointed as J is a great baby. He's adorable and so active, he is very alert and wants to know everything that is going on.
So that is done, J's father is deleted off of the phone, taken off of the contact list for MSN.

another chapter closed.

Now may family says I should go after him for child support, but I don't want him to be angry to pay, I want him to want to help.

Plus I need to get my act together. Make it better for MY family, this is where my energies have to lie.

So - Goodbye...Maybe one day you'll come around to see what you missed out on.


Blogger eMMa said...

I'm sorry you have to go though this. I have a similar situation with my daughter's father. Last time we heard from him was over a year ago. Hes only ever seen Nicole 3 times in her life. His family really don't seem to be particularly interested in their grandaughter/neice.

But we get on fine without them. We have great friends and family who care.

11:50 PM  

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