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Saturday, June 03, 2006

So it's June

And summer is on it's way. The weather has improved in some ways ie it's warmer. But in others it stinks. Lots more rain - thunderstorms to be exact.

Being without a car, thunderstorms can be - problematic to say the least. Trying to pick up the boys from the babysitter the other day was an adventure. Luckily I had the caddy of a stroller that my father and step mother bought me. It's what they call a travel system with a car seat and matching stroller. Because the car seat is rear facing, and has a cover, I could cover the baby from the back, and then use the stroller cover to shield him in the front, this made a happy dry baby in the middle of a downpour....
This also means it meant a completely wet mom and older brother. The rain was coming down so hard that by the time we reached the house and got inside (only took about 9 minutes ) The cup holders on the stroller had about an inch and a half of water in them, I was soaked to the bone. I needed to ring out my hair!
luckily my son has no hair LOL so that part didn't bother him. But he was making another huge puddle in the hallway.

that was two days ago. It's still raining on and off. Hopefully will clear up soon. I am tired of it, but people's lawns look great!

Working from home is ok in some ways and very annoying in others, but I guess I have to get used to it. I am sick of the rotating schedule, it makes it hard for me to be consistent with the babysitter and hard for me to get the baby if it becomes late.

we shall see how that goes.....


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