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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I got time to sit down and talk about my trip!

Yes and I know everyone is soooo thrilled to hear it :)

Now because the trip was primarily about work, 80 % of it I won't talk about hehehehe.

A few things I will -

The Arora International Hotel in Crawley -
First , I loved it! They have this really cool circle in the lobby that has a picture of fish in it, but it's the kind that moves if you walk around it - great for kids ;)

The staff was for the majority very very nice and helpful ( no place is perfect though so there were a few exceptions) The rooms were a good size for European hotels, the bed was very comfortable. They had a few drawers to stow clothes, and the closet had a shoe stand...Or shelves ( I used it for my boots). There was a decent choice on the TV - I like Skyone...fav station, all my Sci-fi shows are there. Also ITV - I got to watch football (yes soccer). I like Liverpool now...Um yep that's it ;)

The Tubs in the hotel are HUGE!!! I love them...I could stretch out completely! Very relaxing, there was a free standing shower as well...And the water got nice and hot :)

The Lobby area of the hotel is nice, and the elevators have a nice security feature... You can only go up if you have a room key. No key, no go.

There is internet access for a small price...Small GBP5.00 for 2 hours of time. There are also two areas to eat in the main area - a Deli/bar type and a full restaurant. They were ok.
One of the best things about the hotel was the proximity to the train station...It's attached, you can walk on to the platform from a door outside of the hotel - also security monitored.

I go to go a few places on the train. And the train system isn't too bad...Once you know where you are going that is hehehe.
I took the train to Newhaven to visit friends...Ok let me qualify that...I TRIED to take the train to Newhaven...wound up on the wrong half of the train that split at a town called Lewes (sounds like Louis) and ended up in Glynde. cute little station, has a parasailing school there. One of the pilots was there and nicely let me use the restroom and kept me company while I waited for friends to pick me up.

My Friends Kevan and Marie drove 20 minutes to get me...heheh and I am glad they did, I went to their wedding last May and I was so happy to see them and the kids. I visited for about 4 hours and still got the train back to Crawley.

I also went up to see a friend in the Luton area over my free weekend. That was a blast and yeah I got sorta lost going there too.

Crawley as a whole is a pretty ok place to visit. I am not sure it earns it's nickname that people at the office gave it.

I got into Central London for a weee bit. But that was to transfer to the north.

well have to run now....heard a crash....not sure what my son has done this time...
(keep your fingers crossed!)


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