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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

IT is 2006!!

I can sure say my life has changed this year. A new baby, a possible promotion at work when I come back from maternity leave, My Mom's health, new school for my son - it's amazing!

I have learned this year that first reactions are not always what they seem. My Family's reluctance to help me with my pregnancy turned into an all encompassing welcome for my little one. The baby's father seemingly reluctant stance to at first take responsibility, then to get custody has turned into a doting father - 3500 miles away - thank goodness for pictures.

What do I expect for this year?
alot of the same, sprinkled with things I could never imagine.

I used the term "Keeping my options open " - Now I am going to modify it a bit:

I am going to Keep myself open to the possibilites in 2006.
I think that is a fine first step for a new year

Happy New Year All!


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