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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reflecting on the times

This morning I was sitting feeding my son with the T.V. on. Most of the time, the T.V. is on for background noise, just a filler so the quiet doesn't get in, so to speak. I looked up and noticed that a TV movie of the Delany sisters was on. I did find it interesting, they talked about the beginning of the Jim Crow laws in North Carolina and how it affected them and their family. 10 brothers and sisters, what a huge family. The 2 Delany sisters graduated from college and one became a doctor while one became a dentist. They lived to be over 100 years old and wrote the book, Having our say.

They brought up things I try not to think about. How some blacks still try to pass for whites if they are light skinned enough. How some blacks still look down on others because they don't dress this way or talk this way. I have seen snobbishness from both sides. The "ghettofabulous" looking down on those who aren't "black" enough, and from others who think their education or position makes them better then others.

It brought up how judgmental people can be and makes me wonder, will my youngest son have more problems growing up then my eldest? Will the fact that he is mixed make it easier? Probably make it harder because his father's family is from Pakistan. My little sister has termed Jamal's race as Blackistani, this actually cracked me up.

But in today's climate, will I have to work twice as hard to keep his self esteem up? Because his Father's family is Islamic, will he be judged even more harshly then if he just a black child?

I ask these questions of myself and don't have real answers. I have hopes that even in today's world, people will be judged fairly.


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