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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Watching TV

Been watching tons of TV at strange and wonderful hours of the night. I have noticed that some stations like to stick to the same shows all night long. Back to back to back episodes. I think this will do one of a few things:
1. Have you run screaming mad from the room and swear never to watch that channel ever again.
2. Have you become addicted to the show in question that you will watch hours upon hours of it.
3. Have you complain there is nothing ever on this darn TV even though you have 500 channels.
4. Make you want to take drugs to sleep.

I have personally chosen option 2. And I can officially say I am addicted to Law and Order. I'll watch all three versions. Mostly the original and SVU. But I just LOVE Law and Order....And that sound...What is that sound??!
I love how the plot twists more then once so that you have to stay on your toes. And it's quite funny, I mean if you are into sarcasm, gotta watch these shows!

So if you wonder where I am on my time away from school and the computer, If I am not watching re runs of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America (I love those shows too!) I will be glued to the mini Law and Order Marathons :)


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