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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seems like I am slowing down a bit

Tough week.

colic and not getting sleep doesn't help things of course. My oldest deciding that the first day back from school vacation is a great time to act up and create virtual havoc all day.
It was JUST the call I was waiting for!! yessireebob!


Luckily, I already have a meeting set up for Friday so I don't have to come in for an additional one.

I need to go and get another organizer, my old one is out of date and disappeared. So small shopping is good. I have found that Target is truly my friend...Great deals there.

I have been back to work twice and the baby is a big hit. Of course no one understands why I call him raptor....
But that's what he sounds like....The sounds that the raptor made in Jurassic Park...Complete with the snorting.
Well my sister agrees with me.

Hmmm I am hungry...Thinking of ordering a pizza...Hmmm or a meatball grinder.....Yummy :)


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