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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Starting a long term plan

I am now starting to plan for a milestone in my life.

In 3 years I will be 35, and I haven't had a good birthday party in years. Now a lot of that is because of me, I didn't want one. But for my 35th I want to go big. I want to do a vacation. So I figure I can celebrate my birthday and torture my sons at the same time!
How do I do that?

I go to Disneyworld!

Now, I am going to take the kids....Jamal will be almost 3 and Kyle will be 15. Guess who will be babysitting? hehe.

I want to see how big of a group of family and friends I can get together.
Hopefully I can get a good group. Disney has a group desk that I want to use - the Magical Moments thing.

I'll do my research and see how it will turn out :)


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