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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Up Early today

Well looks like this one is going to be the real deal.

Blizzard warnings, low end snow predictions or 10 - 15 high end 2 feet.

I remember trying to get through the last time it snowed more than two feet here...it was madness.

I talked to my friend from South Dakota last night...and while I knew he was funny, I didn't realize the slight crazy streak running through his nature.
He went fishing yesterday, now that sounds ok doesn't it.....fishing. A nice hobby and/or past time...BUT IT WAS A BLIZZARD!!! he said he couldn't see his friend who he went with because it was snowing so hard, and the winds were gusting so strong.
I was thinking - you are completely nuts! and I told him...he just laughed and got another beer.

Conversations with him are always....entertaining ...to say the least.

Back to the coming storm.

I shall be working today alot. Giving the nature of my job, there will be cancellations of flights. most likely the airport will close. Sorry, I mean airports as all the airports will likely close in this area.

We are used to cancelled flights due to weather, the month of September had the hurricanes in Florida to endure...that was an amazing 1 month period.
So we are ready....and I most likely won't be back on until Sunday night, maybe Monday.

So for me to you - Stay safe, stay warm, stay dry and see you soon :)


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