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Monday, April 25, 2005

New Week - New resolutions

Yes I know it isn't new year's, but I figure this is a good time as any to make a few changes to the way I do things. Develop good habits and all.

First of all...For my sanity, I am going to increase my venting ...Err .....Writing in my blog.
Second, continue to modify my diet - and increase my gym time from 40 minutes every 3 days to at least and hour and a half.

That's the major things.
Minor fun stuff, plan another trip to the UK. I had so much fun and there were things I still want to do, all those suggestions I was given.

Oh and I heard that all that construction in Central London was in preparation of the Eurostar leaving Waterloo and coming into Central London, I think they said St Pancres.
What's interesting about this is that it will actually shave off an hour off the time to get to Paris.
right now, the train has to cut it's speed from 200 mph to about 100 when it arrives in the UK because the rails to Waterloo cannot handle the higher speeds. (Amazing what you find out from a Black Cab rider in London huh?)

Goal for this week, fill out expense report from trip and have it submitted before Friday as that is the deadline. Try not to lose my temper with people who live to ask stupid questions constantly because they are too lazy to use any of the resources given to them - and no, I am not considering myself a resource.

I have a salad with my name on it - byeee


Blogger Jilly said...

How come you know more about what's going on in London than I do and I'm from the UK?! I need to revise these things a little more obviously.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Ayannali said...

I found out this information when I asked the question of why there is so much construction going on, I just happened to get a very knowledgable Black Cab driver. Very nice Guy and also explained the congestion tax that has to be paid :)

8:48 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Great resolutions! I hope you'll let The Daily Vegetable help you in your effort to improve your daily diet!

1:54 PM  

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