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Friday, June 17, 2005

Busy Busy Busy week

Let's see today is the 17th of June - what have I accomplished since my last post?

Arranged to get a fit to fly letter from my doctor and delivered it to my new boss on Wednesday.

Went to the Passport Agency on Tuesday to expedite a passport because I am leaving on the 26th for training in the UK.
received my new passport on Wednesday evening.

Most importantly, on Thursday , went to my son's 5th grade "promotion" or moving up ceremony. I am such a proud Mom!!
My son, who's had problems with speech and his reading and his memory and ADD and all the things that you think would make him fail, Gave the opening speech to the ceremony, not only did he give it, he gave it with confidence and did NOT look at his notes once. My son memorized his speech!! He never faltered while he spoke to a crowd of over 100 hundred people.

And yes I DID take pictures.

I am so proud of my son. And he looked so handsome in his pink shirt and tie ( I picked out the tie, I LOVE shopping for ties for him :) )

Some of my family came up, my aunt and my cousin with her little boy. My mom was there and my little sister showed up as well.

so what's on tap for me today?

I have to go to the pediatrician's office to pick up his medical form to complete registration for his middle school. Make a copy of said medical form to attach it to the summer program application and turn that in. Take my vitamins so that when I arrive at work I can grab a bite to eat and then work till 9 pm and wait for my bus that will get me home about 10:30 pm.

can't wait for tomorrow, laundry day!


Anonymous Warrior Poet said...

Way to go, Kyle. Keep up the good work.

And to you too, Mom.

5:52 PM  

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