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Saturday, September 09, 2006

9/11 ABC Controversy

I didn't really say anything about 9/11 before this because I figured others could do it so much better.

Now here comes ABC, a network I normally respect, with their "docudrama". And it seems like they are not only getting it wrong, they are making people look horrible to do it.

First off, I will admit, I haven't seen it yet. Obviously, because it airs on Sunday. But Critics got to see it and THEY are saying it's inaccurate.

Don't call something the truth - advertise it as the truth - say it's from the 9/11 commission reports and then outright lie.
This isn't time to play revisionist politics!

A movie like this should have, at the very LEAST, gone to the people and got their take on it...My goodness it's only been FIVE YEARS... I don't think they forgot what happened.

I found this link on ABCNEWS about some of the controversy.

I also found this one...Now how is it that the Republican is one of the sole sources from the commission and here saying...Oh the lies are ok...It's the spirit that we must embrace and this is acceptable?

I love Bill Maher - He is the funniest political comedian to me, I will stay up late to watch Real Time...And just in case I miss it. I will see it on HBO- west . On his site I found some more links to the story:


So will I watch, most likely. Why?

Simple...To understand what is truth - sometimes you have to wade through the Bullshit.


Blogger Wally Banners said...

Wow you guys are tards man. Blaming Bill Clinton for 9/11 is like blaming Satan for his evil.
The national media warned you bout old yellowstain. You choose not to listen. Same media that you choose to believe that Patsy Ramsey had murdered her own daughter. You were warned that Bill Clinton was unfaithful to his wife, a thief and a draft dodger. Yet republicans did nothing. We sat all smug around dinner tables confident that he would lose the election. He won it twice. He was impeached and disgraced and yet not one gawdam American did anything to remove him from Office. Now you blame him for 911? Isn't that like blaming the snake in the Garden of Eden. ?

When if comes to our self preservation as a Nation. We are safer in a time of war with a Democrat as president than a republican. Proof? Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman. President Bush is wish washer more than any Democrat. He proclaims a war on terror, yet he tried to hand over our National Ports to Muslims. He warns of their danger, but does nothing to destroy them. He barks about Mexicans invading USA, but doesn't order Muslims to be deported.

Thank God I fled USA. I am safer in Italy than in a super power. We need a Harry Truman again. A man that can say fuck you all and have a nice nuclear day. Boom! Before you rise to defend Islam. Read Will and Ariel Durants history of the world. In chapter of "Sword of Islam" the man ,that camel humping; caravan raiding thief of a prophet Moe. He picks his successor who writes to all. Convert to Islam or pay tribute or die. Yea nice religion.

2:19 AM  

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