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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Heat of the Political season

Oh Joy, it's the smear campaigns all over the place.

Republicans say - you democrats are soft on security and will raise taxes
Democrats say - you republicans got us into Iraq, spend spend spend on the "War on Terror" .

Ok that's really simplifying it.

This is the time of year to look at who is going to do you, your city , state and nation the best job.

I don't vote for one party or another, I look at people's issues and see if I like what they are saying and more importantly , if they stand by what they say.

I live in a district that has hotly contested seats, so much so that they have gained national attention.

What am I looking for in a candidate?

1. For someone who is for getting a real time table to bring the troops out of Iraq - to me they shouldn't have been there anyway.

2. Is for universal healthcare - see how fast you agree with me when you have no insurance and you or your family gets sick.

3. A woman's right to choose

4. No marriage bans

5. Finding the truth about the "war on Terror"

6. Protecting Civil liberties and privacy

7. Keeping pedophiles away from any child

8. Balanced education for all children

9. Getting foreign aid to those in need

10. Moving on the Darfur issue.

Those are my top 10.

Come on spin machine...Come and see if you get me to vote for your candidate.
engage me and tell me in the long run my vote doesn't count...

Election Day is coming- are you prepared.


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