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Saturday, October 07, 2006

So who do you think this is vain??

I wonder, are we raising kids to bask in compliments?

I am biased when it comes to J. I think he is the cutest baby on earth. I have people who literally gawk at him and say he's so cute.

of course some of these people are strange bus people but it's still the same.
Why do I bring this up? J now looks for people to smile and clap for...Play hide and seek with.
This is normal some say.

So will he grow up to be vain?

Am I vain for sending in pictures to a modeling agency for him?
Yes I realize that most likely nothing will come of it, but am I vain to think that something might?

I must say he's still a typical baby...Trying to walk and getting HUGE.

I think I maybe afraid of turning into one of those mom's that push their kids into pageants and such. He's still a baby...

I'm not THAT vain???


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