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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Power of suggestion

The subconscious is wired to make snap judgments about people. This is what researchers have told us. They tell us that this is were stereotypes are born.
Everyone has bias they say - it's what you do with it. Do you act on it?

Now think about this...It has been said that if you say certain things to people before test, it can greatly affect their performance.
For example : Remind a woman that she went to an exclusive college - her scores went up. But remind her she's just a woman : they went down.

Scary. The women weren't even aware that it affected them.

Imagine this then...Words that you say affect the performance of others. Say you are a manager and you put pressure on your staff to do more , do better, you may be doing the exact opposite.

Putting pressure on your employees will only stress them out - and according to the studies...They might not even be aware why they are stressed.

There's something to think about.


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