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Friday, January 05, 2007

A series of Thoughts...really

Looking at some of the children’s programming out there, I have noticed an unbalanced outcry from certain parents and parents groups.

In the case of the movie “Happy Feet” there was an outcry against the envoirnmental message and the slant toward conformism. Some were saying that the movie was saying it was bad to be different, saying its message was too heavy for young viewers. Does it really? Being different in this case saved the day, embracing your differences and being open to new ideas is what children are supposed to do correct?

Where was this outcry when “High School Musical” became the number 1 DVD for the Child set? I didn’t see news articles and a multitude of segments on how this movie was for conformism. Let’s face it, one of the most popular numbers is “Status Quo” where friends are telling people who want to be different to stay “what’s cool”. In the end it fostered teamwork to have it all work out in the end. But this is ok?

What would be perfect for children these days? I mean do we want non conformist ideals to rule the day? And what ideals do we wish our children to conform to? What is right? Would you feel comfortable if no matter where you child was going to school they taught the same thing and there was no variation to compensate for strengths and weaknesses?

Isn’t that a conformist view? Even in the extreme? If I look closely at children’s shows , movies and programming, I see constant misbehaving, back talking, parents unable to cope with any situation with the children being either smarter or more clever then the adults. In most cases both. Is this to foster an elitist attitude amongst children, that they are better then the adults who are there to guide them?

Does our consumer oriented society , that values beauty wealth and power over all else care that we may be raising a bunch of foul mouth misbehaving children?

So are we a bunch of conformists?

Are we just power hungry?

How many actually want to sit down and delve into this?

What will it truly say about our character?


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