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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

January 1st 2007

I can say - hey look we made it!

And yes we did. It's great. This is a time to reflect on what's gone on the past 12 months.

I know I have been busy, so busy that I barely write anymore. My stint as a student is put on hold yet again. But I did get a new job, got to fly to Paris and see Amsterdam, kept in touch with friends, saw my baby hit the one year mark.

oh by the way....he's walking now!

I have seen my older son slowly mature and begin to act like the hardheaded teenager he is.

This year had it's low points for me, my grandfather past away, the man who was the rock in my family, the center point. I can say that i am happy that he was able to see the kids before he died. I'll always love you Daddy.

on an up note, I may be starting to date again...yes I know, stop the presses on that one!

I am not going to make resolutions for my self this year. because I have found that they tend to fail. But I am going to make goals and benchmarks to help me achieve.

My goal for the next year is to get organized. My plan will come soon.

Happy New Year to ALL - May you achieve your goals and wishes in this new year!


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