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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What a week again

I have just realized how hard it is to travel out of the country, spend 4 days in Europe, then come back and be expected to work all week.

I am exhausted!

Good news is I am back and I have pictures!

Of course these have to be uploaded and labled - but am going to get that done this weekend.

Holiday Season, wow is it hectic!

I have explained to most of my friends that holiday presents are going out after the first of the year....cards are being made up now....

yes due to lack of finances. I figured paying the hospital bills and food costs were important!

In 4 days , my little J will be a year old....it's been that long already!
I know they say time flies but sheesh!

I have a great picture of the boys I want to post. A lighthearted photo :)

Well of course once I get the photos uploaded I will have a day by day accounting of Paris and Amsterdam.

Til Then!


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