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Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Politics

I guess it's time to focus on the presidential election for 2008.

I am a registered independent in a state that has closed primaries. This means I am watching on the sidelines until the big election. But I am getting interested in what is going on for the Democratic side of the ticket.

I was marginally interested last December when there was just a lot of talking and bandying for position. Now that there have been a few primaries, it seems people's true colors are starting to bleed through.

I have been listening to the tone of the debates and the exchanges of late and see some pettiness coming out of candidates. I am not sure if it's arrogance on their part or if they are really not that in touch with most of the populace.

This race really has become generational. It seems those who are older and OK with the tried and true from the 90's are going with one candidate and those looking for real change (not just change in the party at the top) are going for the other.

Feb 5th is going to be a huge, huge day. 20 States primaries are happening and this will probably see a few more members drop out of each race.

Who would have thought a day would come when the political pundits are calling White Male voters the swing vote??


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