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Monday, January 24, 2005


Wow, I got back in on Sunday at about 2:30 pm...but working and trying to get home wore me out so bad...I went to bed LOL.

Really had no energy to stay up, so kinda took a nap and then vegged the rest of the night, oh yeah and made phone calls

about 14 inches of snow dropped in my area....and the wind was wicked!

it's funny, on the way home I ran into an ex on the bus. And we started talking...and I realized why he's my ex. What a pompus jerk! He was like, I never forgot you, you were one of the good ones, I don't know whY I let you go...let me go?? no I left when i found out I was one of 6.
Oh and those girls meant nothing to him, he doesn't remember thier names, but he remember's mine....woo hoo clap clap - wow so glad I was etched in your brain...here's a cookie! Sheesh!

Then, he thought it would be cute to say. When are we going to London?

What? excuse me? did I ask you to come to London with me?? umm NO! I don't think so!
I have only asked 2 ex boyfriends to fly to London with me, and those plans didn't pan out.

Anyway, he wasn't getting the hint that I wasn't impressed with his "reformed" ways. He said he'd call...

I said thank god for caller ID.


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