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Friday, January 28, 2005

Sitting listening to music

I haven't actually done that in a while...

Usually I turn o the TV and turn on a music station and either veg out or actually get up and dance.
My son finds the latter part of that quite comical....actually so does my sister. hehehe

Plans for the day

Find hotels in the Raleigh/Durham area for Feb
Find hotels in the Orlando area of April
Find hotels in the Newhaven/crawley/Gatwick Airport Area

Check if my hotel in South Dakota has a better rate for a two bedroom suite.

Oh yeah, my friend said she may come with me to South Dakota when i visit in Septmeber. I can say this...if she comes. omg will we have a blast. I mean I am already posed to have a good time regardless...and maybe even get some sleep that week...who knows. I am also going to see if I can swing a Visit the Omaha that week...i think there is a bus so it would be only 8 hours round trip....unkess of course the bus comes in at some ungodly hour....which would comepletely suck.

I also may want to go to Sweden some time this year...I've never been there and there are a few people i want to meet who live there....what part? umm don't really know. but....am willing to find out :)

Time flies when you are planning to have fun ....need to run...


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