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Friday, February 25, 2005

Quick Stop on my vacation

I found a computer to check my emails...amazing. I have been off the comp since the 20th of Feb and had recieved 56 new emails. this doesn't inculde those automatically sorted into the bulk mail or spam pile.

I haven't read all of them. Weeding out the ones I wasn't going to read too a bit of time.

One thing I do have to say....after 7 hours in Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport....I can say , if I never see that airport ever again it will be too sson. That is the most confusing unsympathetic place I have ever been to. And I have been to lots of airports!!!

ok ok to be fair ....ALL of the people were not bad at the airport...unfortunately the number that made impressions (bad ones) were more than the good ones.

and try to find reading material for a child in that airport - one that is not a baby- well it's darn near impossible. Granted I should have taken Kyle's notebook out of the bag that was being checked, but...at 3 book stores there wasn't a decent children young adult section at all.

Ok my rant has to be over as someone at the hotel needs to use the comp...heheh talk soon


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