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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Poems and Poetry

In high school, oh so ever long ago that was...I was a decent student. I hated homework with a passion and seemed to get half of it done the day it was due.

Especially English. But I loved English...Not the grammar...I was horribly bad at the grammar, but the short stories, the books we studied and most especially - Shakespeare.
I loved when we got to study one of his plays each year. Senior year was a special treat.

My English teacher then, Mr. William O'Connor, who was know as Coach Bill (one of the football coaches) did an especially long section that year..Hamlet, Macbeth - the comparisons and contrasts of the two - A midsummer nights dream and Twelfth night.

And Sonnets

oh the sonnets

I fell in love with the sonnets, and it made me want to write.
and for that year I tried.
got a B+ as my final grade -was happy

Then college...And grew out of trying to write - constant criticisms I wasn't good at taking - took away the joy of trying to write them.
But I read

and enjoyed.

It wasn't until 2 years ago when I started having the urge to write again.
A man inspired me again, with his words and the feelings they conveyed.

So I tried writing again The first poem I wrote was called Standing.
That one was inspired by a place I used to go in a game I played. A mountain, where he and I would talk and share, and when he wasn't there or around...I would still go up there. To feel that connection.

A few more came after that, and in November I found a site called poetry friends..
I posted some of my old poems and started writing alot more. What I love about this site is that there are so many different people on there and some many different styles of writing.

I got one of my friends to join...The guy who inspired me is there too..hehe

my latest poem - Path can be found there (heheh yes I've linked it :) )

I linked the site on my links list and also in this title.

Stop by to enjoy :)


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