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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


My life is constantly changing it seems.

Some people would call this progress, and then site my need to be flexible and adapt.
Some people would say that's life. deal with it.

And of course, in thier own simple way they would be right.

The weather changes....one day here is a high of 40 after a week of being no more then 10 - 15 degrees above zero. Now spiralling back to the storm pattern, rain then sleet then snow.
This type of change is normal for this time of year here....but you still wish it could be steady for a while.

Mood changes... trying to stem feelings of loneliness..that seems to be also in a cycle. no not PMS , though I think some may disagree. My mood doesn't dip as dangerously as it used to and I am very happy for this fact. Positive thinking goes along way to help with that. But I do have bad days...I call them distracted days. Can't focus on a task,....do a whole bunch of nothing....
it sort of sucks. The good news is...that mood changes and soon for the better.


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